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Minor feed systems include: Surge hopper, Transition, Vibrator, Feeder tray, Weigh hopper and related PLC controls. The feeder and weigh hopper are sized to provide desired feed rate and weighing accuracy required. Minor ingredient stand can contain up to eight individual ingredients. Minor module is built to be completely wired and plumbed and tested prior to shipment. Entire system is designed to fit standard shipping containers for oversea's shipments.
Surge hoppers can be build to different capacities. Typically the sizes are 5, 10, and 15 cubic foot. Hoppers are available in carbon steel or 304 stainless steel. Each hopper includes hinged cover lid with handle and gas springs to assist in opening and closing. Most of our systems have included (4) - 5 cubic foot hoppers, (2) - 10 cubic foot hoppers and (2) 15 cubic foot hoppers. We can customize the hopper capacites as needed.
This end view of the minor system shows (8) ingredient systems and the weigh hoppers range from 1KG to 30KG capacities. All of the weigh hoppers are dumped on the belt conveyor that runs under the row of weigh hoppers. The hoppers discharge is controlled by pneumatic cylinders with flow controls. Conveyor belt includes skirts and speed sensor to monitor operation before hoppers discharge. The belt conveyors discharge the products into the "Re-Weigh" hopper which provides a check weight of all of the ingredients to be assured all have discharged.
Screw feed systems can feed such ingredients as TIO2 into the batch. Screw feed system includes screw properly sized to deliver the amount at the desired feed rate, hold hopper, vibrator, high and low level lights to alert operator when refill is needed, control panel for pneumatic and electrical connections to PLC. Hopper includes removable lid.

Weighing system includes load cells, summing junction box, digital weight indicator or direct PLC scale card, and communication module to PLC. Scales are all NTEP approved and are fully tested with certified test weights. Automatic calibration cycles are available as option as well as automatic test weigh application to verify scale accuracy at the touch of a button.


PLC control panel utilizes the Allen Bradley PLC family and can be either the SLC or Control Logix package. All controls are pre-wired and tested at the factory. All systems include remote programming capabilities.
Tumblers are provided to mix all of the pre-weighed ingredients. Variable speed control provided to control the speed and duration of the mixing. Special design discharge gate used to load and unload the tumbler. Gate is pneumatically actuated with locks and sensors for monitoring.

Hartman Scale will design, build and program for any number of alloys needed and can include all support equipment such as powder (tio2) feeder, tumblers, and or bucket elevators to move product to customer press. If you are building electrodes or briquettes we can help with the batching and mixing process.

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