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Bulk Density: Lb./Cubic Foot

Material Form: PowderPelletGranularFlakeFiberOther

Particle Size: Inch

Material Characteristics: (mark all that apply)
Abrasive Aerates Cohesive
Corrosive Dusty Explosive
Flammable Friable Hazardous
Packs Smears Toxic

Filling Information:

Bags are Unloaded by: Fork lift Hand via pallet truck Roller conveyor

Weight of filled bag: Lbs. Kgs.

Level of accuracy required: Lbs. Kgs.

Time required to fill bag: minutes

Discharge Information:

Bags are to be loaded by: Fork Lift Hoist 1 Ton Hoist 2 Ton

Total weight of bag: Lbs. Kgs.

Do you want to discharge by: weight time

Time required to discharge bag: minutes

If discharge is by weight, is it: batches batch size or continuous rate

Please provide the following information about the bag you will be using:

Is Bag Lined?Yes No

"A" Dimension:

"A1" Dimension:

"B" Dimension:

"B1" Dimension:

"C" Dimension:

"D" Dimension:

"E" Dimension:

"F" Dimension:

"G" Dimension:

"H" Dimension:

"I" Dimension:


Electrical Classification:
Nema 12 (Dust Tight) Nema 4X (Watertight and non corrosive)
Nema 4 (Watertight) Nema 7 (Explosion Proof)
If explosion proof is required list: Class: Division:Group:
Power available: Volts PhaseHz.

Material of Construction:

Product Contact Surfaces: Stainless Steel (304)

Carbon Steel Enamel Paint

Carbon Steel Epoxy Paint

Non-Contact Surfaces: Stainless Steel (304)

Carbon Steel Enamel Paint

Carbon Steel Epoxy Paint

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