Bulk Bag Discharge Stands
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Bag Loading Options: (Choose 1)
The stand can be loaded by fork lift or hoist. Please select from the following options. When determining height limitations be certain to consider the height of the fork lift carriage which typically extends 30" - 40" above the forks.
Hoist Module: Includes hoist, motorized
trolley, chain bucket, bag lift frame, and power 
junction box. Stainless version has painted monorail.
Power required is 480 vac 3 ph, 60 hz. 
Lift speed: 1 ton-32 fpm 2 ton - 16 fpm.
Painted Steel: 1 ton H1P
Painted Steel: 2 ton H2P
Stainless Steel: 1 ton H3S
Stainless Steel: 2 ton H4S

Fork Lift Module: Includes support frame for bag and lifting frame for bag. 
Painted Steel FLP
Stainless Steel FLS


Bag Frame Options:
Bag Frame: Two sizes available as standard. Each unit is adjustable in 3" increments. 

BF1 & BF3 expands from 36" - 55"

BF2 & BF4 expands from 55" - 74"

Painted Carbon BF1
Stainless 304 BF3
Painted Carbon BF2
Stainless 304 BF4


Bag Support Options:
Bag Support Hopper:Includes untie chamber and hopper to support bag with dust collection ports. Shown with optional flex plates. 
Painted BSH
Painted with Flex and Vibrator BFH
Stainless 304 BSHS
Stainless 304 with flex & Vibrator BFHS


Bag Support Platform: Includes stainless steel untie chamber. Shown with optional flex plates. 
Painted with chamber BP
Painted with chamber and flex plates & Vibrator BPF
Stainless 304 with chamber BPS
Stainless 304 with chamber, flex plates & vibrator BPFS


Base Support Options:
Base Module: The base module is available in any size needed to accomodate discharge equipment such as feeders, elevators, conveyors etc. Standard unit is 42" high but the "per inch" numbers below can be use to adjust price for actual height required. 
Painted BM42
Stainless 304 BM42S

Model number reflects the height required. Please change the model number to reflect the height you will require.


Hand Add Station:
Hand Add Hopper: Constructed of carbon steel or 304 stainless this hopper provides a convenient location to insert small hand adds into the material flow. Includes hinged lid, 2 gas springs to assist opening, 3" vent and stainless grate with 2" square openings. 
Carbon Steel HD1
Stainless Steel HD2


Material Flow Control:
Iris Valve: Is used to stop the material flow for changing bags that are partially emptied. Valve is also used to assist the operator in opening the bag chute. 
Aluminum IVA
Stainless Steel IVS


Slide Gate: used to stop the flow of product. When used with the weighing system the valve can regulate fast and slow feed of product for batching operation. 
10" Diameter (full open) SG101
10" Diameter (2 position) SG102

Weighing System Options:
Weight Indicator:

Includes nema 12 dust tight enclosure. Full keyboard functions for tare weight entry and zero control. Touchscreen operator interface.

Basic Weight Display: BW
Batch Controller: provides Start/Stop and relay control for two outputs (fast and slow) Used to control optional slide gate under untie chamber.

Note: Also requires purchase of slide gate with two position feature.

Allen Bradley Remote I/O output of weight includes ability to change presets. AB

Load Cells:

Basic load cell package includes 4 plated load cells and mounts for weighing entire stand. 1 Summing junction box in a nema 4X enclosure. Choose between plated and stainless construction.

Plated Cells And Hardware LCP
Stainless Cells and Hardware LCS

PLC Control Systems: Are designed and programmed to meet your batching or continuous rate control requirements. Systems are quoted on an individual basis, as there are many options to consider.

The system on the left was used to automatically cycle drums into position under four bulk bag stands. Each stand dispensed ingredients into the drum and then conveyed the drum out to the operator.

Please call us with your requirements so we can provide a quotation.

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