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Bulk bag filling systems can be custom built to your application. The basic unit includes a 60" x 60" platform scale ( flat top or side rail design) with a 5000 pound capacity. The bag holding structure is fabricated with 3" structural tubing with an adjustable bag holding frame. The stainless steel main support posts and the bag clamp bars are pre-drilled at 2" increments to allow filling of many size bags.

Product is fed into the bag via screw feeder, pneumatic conveying system, slide gate or other means determined by the customer or dictated by the product. The batch controller provides two outputs for fast and slow speed filling. Preact compensation adjusts the final cutoff point to account for material in suspension. Analog output for speed control can be supplied to adjust speed of screw type feeders that require 4-20ma or 0-10 VDC input for speed control.

The operator would place a pallet on the platform scale, attach a bag to the frame, connect the fill chute to the inflatable seal provided, enter the desired target weight, dribble weight and preact weight into the controller, and press start. The controller would open the valve or start the feed screw to the full open or fast speed until the dribble (slow) point is attained. The controller will then close the valve to the dribble position, or slow the speed of the screw, and continue filling the bag at a slow rate for better control until the target weight is attained.

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VIBRATION  can be provided via a support system that can lift the container on the pallet and provide vibration to densify the product in the bag. This operation can cycle during the filling operation at programmable intervals.
BAG CLAMPS provide a quick easy way to release the bag when filled as well as hold the bag in place during the filling operation. Clamps are adjustable to accomodate different bag sizes.
BAG SEAL provides a positive seal to hold bag in place as well as provide a dust seal to help minimize dusting during the filling operation. Internal cavity and 3" dust collection port provided for easy connection to dust collection system.
DIGITAL CONTROLLER provides a touch screen operator interface to enter target weight and operation parameters. Operator has manual control of vibration and jog. Standard enclosure is nema 12 dust tight but other enclosures are available such as nema 4X stainless steel. Remote inputs are optional for PLC interface.

Controller Specifications


Bag stands can be fabricated with carbon steel and painted with industrial enamels or "Steel-it" epoxy. We also provide complete stainless steel construction.

Instrumentation can be self contained or we can provide signal conditioner for load cell signals for direct connection to PLC or distributive control system.

Motorized or gravity type conveyor sections can be provided to facilitate the loading and unloading of the filling system. The operator can push the filled bags out of the filling position and begin filling another bag while waiting for a fork lift.

We can custom fabricate any height or capacity unit and can provide a complete turn key package including feed system and or cutoff valves.

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